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Wikipedia celebrates Mayor Jabroni for a hot minute – KVR News

It didn’t last as long as we’d like but it was fun to see Wikipedia getting in on the whole Mayor Jabroni act following the AFC Championship.

We mean nothing personal toward Mr. Aftab Pureval. As the Mayor of the city of Cincinnati, which is honestly a really underrated town with some fun neighborhoods, we’re sure that Mr. Pureval does a solid job as he goes about the business of trying to make life better for his constituents in southern Ohio.

Still, it was fun to see him termed as Mayor Jabroni on Wikipedia for a hot minute.

In case you missed it, Mr. Pureval decided to get in on the abundant trash talking that was happening all week on the part of Bengals players, fans, and Cincy-related figures. Before the Bengals played the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night, Mr. Pureval made a paternity test joke about the Bengals relationship to the Chiefs and then declared it “Burrowhead”.

Then Sunday night happened.

In the aftermath of the Chiefs win over the Bengals, Travis Kelce couldn’t help himself in comments from the dais and went for it. He not only called out Cincy’s mayor but then called him a “jabroni”

From there, the internet took over and did what only the internet can do.

Yeah that’s Pureval’s Wikipedia reading his full name as Aftab “Jabroni” Karma Singh Pureval. Such things aren’t meant to last however, but that’s why we learn to treasure these fleeting moments when they come our way.

The good news is that Mayor Pureval himself seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing.



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