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When ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Faced The ‘Boycott’ Trend In India Owing To Some Comments On Narendra Modi Which Weren’t Even Made By Him! – KVR News

When ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Faced The ‘Boycott’ Trend In India Owing To Some Comments On Narendra Modi Which Weren’t Even Made By Him – Check Out ( Photo Credit – Facebook; Movie Still )

Tom Holland is the cutest neighborhood Spider-Man that we have and you would all agree to this. Yeah, Tobey Maguire if the OG and Andrew Garfield has got the looks but Tom is the real deal, hehe. Today, we bring you a throwback to the time when historian Tom Holland tweeted slamming PM Narendra Modi on Twitter and netizens on the microblogging site started the trend #BoycottSpiderMan when it wasn’t even the actor’s doing. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Now for those of you who don’t know, the writer Tom is quite popular for his work including Rubicon: The Triumphand the Tragedy of the Roman Republic, In the Shadow of the Sword , and Dynasty. The historian took to his Twitter and wrote , “I’m a huge admirer of the modesty Modi showed in naming the world’s largest cricket stadium after himself.”

Tom Holland’s tweet was followed by yet another line that read, “Not always a good sign for countries when leaders start pulling that trick…”

Now for obvious reasons these tweets didn’t go well with PM Narendra Modi fans and who mistook actor Tom Holland for the historian and started the #BoycottSpiderMan trend on the microblogging site.

A user on Twitter wrote, “I am convinced that this is a conspiracy by DC, trying to hurt Marvel’s revenue from India. #BoycottSpiderman has already started trending in India”.

Take a look at some of the Twitter reactions below:

Later, the writer Tom Holland tweeted justifying for the film and wrote, “Oh dear – I seem single-handedly to have destroyed prospects for the next Spider-Man in India.”

He continued in the next tweet and wrote, “My apologies to @SpiderManMovie. I should have remembered that with great power comes great responsibility.

What are your thoughts on netizens boycotting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man amid historian Tom taking a dig at PM Narendra Modi on Twitter? Tell us in the space below.

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