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When ‘Possessive’ Justin Bieber Learned About Selena Gomez Enjoying A ‘Hot S*x Life’ With Zedd & Convinced Her To Ditch Him Because They Were The Ultimate Soul Mates! – KVR News

Justin Bieber Had The Best S*x Of His Life With Selena Gomez, An Insider Revealed Why “S*x With Her Was On A Different Level” (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Justin Bieber is now married to Hailey Bieber. However, once he was linked with popular singer-actress Selena Gomez and during their eight years of relationship, Jelena had been the IT couple of Hollywood. Fans were convinced that they’re the endgame but unfortunately , that didn’t happen.

Justin and Selena are now happy in their respective lives. But there was a time when rumours claimed that JB felt he’s had his best private moments with the Rare Beauty owner and that he was a better lover to Sel than Zedd. Keep reading to know more about it.

While Justin Bieber was getting anxious about knowing Selena Gomez’s ‘hot s*x life’ with Zedd, Sel was having the best of her time. A source shared with Hollywood Life in 2015, “Justin heard the news that Selena and Zedd have a hot s*x life, but he’s convinced he’s a better lover. He says he and Selena are soul mates and that sometimes soul mates have to go their separate ways to realize the truth about their relationship.” Well, it’s definitely quite difficult to watch the love of your life dating someone else. But JB didn’t let his hopes die and tried to win his girl back and we can only imagine what he might have done to get back to her.

From 2010 to 2018, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s love story blossomed from being ‘just friends’ to ‘great lovers’. An insider shared with Hollywood Life in 2014 that Justin had the best partner in Selena and not only in his life but in his bed as well. The source claimed, “He (Bieber) has been with girls that have a lot more experience, who are way wilder, which is exciting, but in the end, it’s still Selena he would pick over all them….”

And well, as per the insider, there was a good reason behind why Justin Bieber would choose Selena Gomez over everyone the best in bed. The source shared, “Selena is the only girl he’s ever slept with that he actually has real feelings for. So s*x with her is on a different level.”

According to that insider, Justin and Selena had also shot some s*x tapes despite fearing the leak during their on-and-off eight years of relationship.

Well, do you think Justin’s opinion about having the best s*x with Selena has changed after marrying Hailey Bieber?

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