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When Michelle Yeoh’s Mom & Her Date Accidentally Held Hands! – KVR News

When Michelle Yeoh’s Date Mistakenly Held Her Mom’s Hand ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Golden Globe winning actress Michelle Yeoh recalled the hilarious time when her mom and her date accidentally held hands.

On Friday’s episode of BBC One’s ‘The Graham Norton Show’, the Oscar nominee revealed that her mother not only used to join her on dates, but she even unintentionally got close with one of them, reports People magazine.

“At what age were you when she insisted on coming on a date with you,” host Graham Norton asked the 60-year-old Michelle Yeoh.

“Now, you have to remember moms are very protective, right, for all the right reasons,” Michelle Yeoh said, quoted by People. “She always went on a date. Always, until I went to England to study.”

When Yeoh was 17, she shared that “One time, I was sitting like this (arms crossed) and I suddenly realized, ‘Why are there two hands on my leg?’”

“It was his hand on my mom’s hand,” she said, breaking out into laughter. Acting out the situation with fellow guest and Oscar nominee Austin Butler, Yeoh continued: “He was holding the hand he thought was mine, and then I looked at it like, ‘Excuse me guys.’”

As per People, the ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once’ star also shared the story of how she ultimately has her mom to thank for winning Miss Malaysia in 1983.

When she went home for the holidays after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance, the Malaysian-born actress said her mother “suddenly looped into this whole thing” about how she should audition for more projects at age 21 since there won’t be as many the older she gets.

“I’m thinking, ‘What on Earth is she on about?’” Yeoh recalled, adding that her mother even roped her brother into encouraging Yeoh to pursue being onstage.

“The next thing I knew was…she had entered me for Miss Malaysia,” Yeoh revealed. “She actually signed the form, so technically, I’m not legit. I did it to shut her up because she wouldn’t stop about it, so we had a deal. If I do this, you are never going to do something like this again.”

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