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When Andrew Garfield Reacted To “I Want Him To Smash A Laptop On My T*ts” & He Loved The Request So Much That He Remembered It For A Long Time – KVR News

When A Fan Asked Andrew Garfield To Smash A Laptop On Their ‘T*ts’ Engraving That In His Memory For A Long Time ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Actors and actresses are adored by their fans; they go crazy for them to the level of getting their faces tattooed on their bodies. English actor Andrew Garfield has won millions of hearts with boyish charms over the years and garnered more fans after playing the role of the friendly neighborhood superhero, Spider-Man. The fans’ loves are not always innocent admiration; they sometimes turn raunchy and w*t. With the advent of the internet, people these days do not shy away from expressing their graphic desires online.

Garfield portrayed the role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and the sequel to that film came out in 2014.

As per reports, Andrew Garfield once did not get the role of a prince. Apparently, because he was not handsome enough! But the thirst tweets directed at him tend to say otherwise. There was this one particular tweet from a fan that left him in splits. Not only did it get imprinted in his memory. He recalled it in one of his interviews later as well.

Andrew Garfield was supposedly at when he thought of reading Buzzfeed’s thirst tweets, and it’s a segment where celebrities read the saucy Tweets posted by their fans. While reading those, Garfield came across a fan’s post that read, “I want Andrew Garfield to smash a laptop on my t*ts”. The instant he finished that sentence, Andrew burst into laughter, and his face visibly turned red while he continued laughing. Finally, he composed himself and said, “That’s Good!”. He further added, “ I’m not gonna do that.” We know you are a gentle soul, Andrew!

He liked that tweet so much that later on, in another interview in some conversation between him and the interviewer, Andrew Garfield recollected that and said he would never forget that. You can check out the compilation of those two video clips here:

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