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Titanic Child Actor, Who Had Only 1 Dialogue In The Film, Is Still Receiving Royalty Checks After 25 Years But Says “I Haven’t Seen Them” – KVR News

Titanic Child Actor, Who Had Only 1 Dialogue In The James Cameron Directorial, Still Receives Royalty Checks For His Part ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Titanic is one of the greatest movies of all time, and there is no doubt about that. James Cameron did make us all relive the massive accident between the largest ship of the early 20th century and an iceberg with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The movie is still one of the biggest earners in Hollywood and is cherished by millions, one of its star kids, Reece Thompson, who had a one-line role in the movie, receives royalty checks even after 25 years of the film’s initial release.

James Cameron’s classic came out in 1997 with Leo bringing Jack to life and Kate Winslet playing the Titanic survivor Rose. The movie has hit the theaters several times since its initial release, including a 3D version.

Coming back to the kid’s role in the movie, Reece Thompson played an Irish third-class passenger on the giant ship whose one dialogue left millions in tears. Reece’s character, along with his on-screen mother and sister, was seen lying in a cabin as water filled the entire ship. As the family waited for the guards to open the gates for them to escape, the kid asked his mother, “Where are we doing, Mommy?” Making it the most heartbreaking scene of the movie, the mother replied, “We’re just waiting, dear. When they finish putting first-class people in the boats, they’ll be starting with us, and we’ll want to be ready, right?”

Reece Thompson had only one dialogue in Titanic, but his emotional scene stuck with the viewers for years. The former actor, who is now in his 30s, is a digital marketing director in Utah, USA, and recently broke the silence about his earnings from James Cameron’s massive hit. During his interaction with Australia’s Network 10, Reece revealed that he still receives royalty checks for his part in the film but has not seen them in a while as he did not update his new address. He said, “But I haven’t updated my address in several years, honestly, since the last time I got interviewed for this. [the cheques] in a few years. I’m just assuming that they are still coming.”

Talking about his role in Titanic, Thompson revealed that he and his wife enjoy reading comments about the same as people still find it interesting. He said, “It’s interesting, I’d say my family and I mostly just think that it’s interesting that people are still finding it interesting.” “Now people are beginning to associate my face with it, whereas before, it was a random fact about me, it’s kind of weird,” he added.

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