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“She Always Says Good Morning” – KVR News

Amber Heard Has Been Vacationing In Spain With Daughter Oonagh ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Amber Heard has been spending time in Spain with her daughter Oonagh even though she and Johnny Depp are still drowning in their legal mess. Since the defamation trial ended and appeals came from both sides, the Aquaman actress has been living a low life. did speak about the case and the verdict in between.

However, no other words or actions around the case have come up. What has been hitting the headlines is the several rumours about Amber’s past ranging from her alleged s*x parties, sleeping with directors to get roles, having a manipulative relationship with Elon Musk and more.

Now, Amber Heard is in Spain, and it is said that she has rented out a place under the pseudonym, Martha Jane Cannary. polite by the locals. As per the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, a shopkeeper said that they “recognized her right away, but no one said anything because people in Costix, a town of just 1,270 inhabitants, don’t bother anyone and just live and let live.”

“She is like anyone else, she buys fruit and vegetables, she speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent, and she’s very polite. She always says good morning to us,” they added. It is suggested that Amber Heard has moved to Spain instead of going there for a vacation. Besides her daughter, the actress is said to be with her alleged girlfriend, Bianca Butti.

While Amber is spending quality time in the country, a PR expert recently weighed in that it doesn’t look good publicity-wise that she is vacationing in Spain. As we all know, the Aquaman actress is yet to pay Johnny Depp $10.35 million because she doesn’t have that kind of money.

But another report stated that Amber Heard’s debt has grown as she is yet to pay even her lawyers. $15 millionwhich is more than what Johnny Depp has to receive.

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