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Robert Downey Jr Gets Back His ‘Iron Man’ Physique Donning Ribbed Abs After Moving To A Vegan Diet, His Look Will Shock & Inspire You At The Same Time! – KVR News

Robert Downey Jr’s New Photos From The Sets of The Sympathizer ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Robert Downey Jr, known for playing diverse roles throughout his career, has been spotted flaunting his abs in recent photos. After playing Iron Man for over a decade, all the MCU fans still miss him and we never know when we can see him.

In the year 2020, Robert Downey Jr switched to a vegan diet to lower his carbon footprint and lead a healthy life. The recent photos are a clear result of his plant-based lifestyle shaping his body. having ripped abs at the age of 57.

HBO series upcoming spy thriller series, ‘The Sympathizer’ will see RDJ in multiple roles. The completely transformed look of Robert Downey Jr from the sets shows him wearing navy jogging bottoms and walking bare-chested. In other photos, the actor was seen donning a curly brown wig for his character in the series.

In the photos obtained by DailyMail.UK, the Avengers actor has been looking slimmer, all thanks to his new diet. RDJ revealed that he switched to veganism after a discussion with his wife. ‘She is the greatest creative producer in the history of cinema and I make faces for cash and chicken. Even though no, I’m off chicken now’, says the actor.

One of the reasons Robert Downey Jr’s look has been changing in the photos is that he is reportedly playing other multiple roles in the series. The Hollywood Reporter reports, Robert Downey Jr. will play an up-and-coming congressman from Orange County, Calif ., a CIA officer, and the director of a movie in HBO’s The Sympathizer.

According to IMDB, the series centers around a half-French, half-Vietnamese man who served as a spy for Communist forces during the Vietnam War. Other details about HBO’s ‘The Sympathizer’ have been kept under wraps and all the fans are eagerly waiting for it!

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