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Ram Setu Result Of Koimoi ‘How’s The Hype?’ Out! There’s Anticipation Among Voters For Akshay Kumar Starrer, Will It Perform At Ticket Windows Too? – KVR News

Ram Setu Result Of Koimoi ‘How’s The Hype?’ Out!

Ram Setu is all set to hit theaters today. Akshay Kumar fans have been eagerly waiting for the film and hoping for a smashing comeback from the star after his consecutive flops at the box office. Let’s see how it is faring here in Koimoi’s ‘How’s The Hype?’.

Jai Shree Ram song

The track is fact-paced and has a catchy tune. The video shows Akshay Kumar is on adventurous ride of unravelling the mystery of Ram Setu. It literally pumps up with his visuals and energetic feel. On Twitter, the song has been liked by 78% of our voters.


Unlike Akshay’s recent films, the trailer of this film is highly intriguing. The exciting subject of the film has been well packaged in the promo. From it, we get to know about Akshay’s mission to save India’s heritage. The background music with ‘Ram Ram ‘ chants give goosebumps. 78% of our voters.

First glimpse of the world of Ram Setu

The first glimpse didn’t give much insights into the film but it clears that Akshay Kumar is on a mission. Its 56 seconds’ video sparks excitement with fast-paced visuals and BGM. 77% of our voters.

Poster featuring Akshay Kumar

Here, we’re talking about the poster that features only Akshay Kumar. In it, the actor seems lost in a thought with intense expressions. On Twitter, around 79% voters voted in favor of it.

On the whole, Ram Setu has received a thumbs up from 78% of our voters. It shows that people are looking forward to the film, at least on Twitter. It is to be seen if this Diwali release manages to see such kind of response in theaters too. So far, going by the advance booking trends, the film isn’t showing good response, so despite being a Diwali release, it will fail in taking a superb start. Everything depends on word-of-mouth as it will in attracting maximum walk-in audience.

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