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NFL Combined Schedule, Events & How to Stream – KVR News

Let’s look at the full details for how to take in the 2023 NFL Combine.

The 2023 NFL Combine is coming into view in the next few weeks as college prospects begin to make their travel plans to Indianapolis and the pre-draft season creeps further toward spring.

For some players, the NFL Combine is a life-changing event that accelerates their pre-draft stock with fantastic results. Other players plummet when key medical information leaks or they get lost in the competition of the event.

So what can we expect from this year’s NFL Combine? Let’s look at everything you need to know about this year’s event.

When is the 2023 NFL Combined Schedule?

Each positional group is given a specific dates to work out and sit through interviews in Indy.

  1. Feb. 26 – Mar. 3 – Defensive linemen and linebackers
  2. Feb. 27 – Mar. 4 – Defensive backs, special teams players
  3. Feb. 28 – Mar. 5 – Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends
  4. Mar. 1 – Mar. 6 – Running backs, offensive linemen

Each day in Indianapolis will feature a pretty rigorous schedule as players and their reps are moved through a series of activities starting early each day. Remember there are 32 teams here to conduct business and each team wants face time with college prospects, medical checks, and more.

Each player will begin with registration and orientation on their first day and then move through a series of team interviews each day. He will also face the media for a special interview session, undergo a medical exam or two, sit in an NFLPA meeting that lays out unimportant information and more.

From there, the Combine takes the most interesting turn with the public-facing events including official measurements entering the NFL, on-field workouts and drills (eg the 40-yard dash), and bench press.

Where is the NFL Combine in 2023?

The city of Indianapolis is once again hosting this year’s Combine and most figures around the league and media members will tell you that they’d love to keep it this way permanently. That said, the NFL will likely figure out a way to make this more of a traveling circus down the road and make money in the process. The league will remain here through 2024.

What drills can we expect to see at the 2023 NFL Combine?

Every player, from quarterbacks to punters, will go through the same drills, although nothing is mandatory and a lot of players will only elect to perform certain events. Some will do so for the sake of exposing strengths and masking weaknesses. Others are dealing with postseason injuries and there’s no need to exacerbate any health concerns to show off at the NFL Combine.

Here’s a rundown of events.

  • Bench press (225 lbs.)
  • 40-yard dash
  • 20-yard shuttle
  • 60-yard shuttle
  • 3-cone drill
  • Broad jump
  • vertical leap

How can you watch the 2023 NFL Combine?

The NFL Network will be carrying the broadcast of all things from the Combine including some media sessions, player workouts, and Rich Eisen’s annual run in the 40-yard dash.

What to expect from the Chiefs at the NFL Combine?

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and general manager Brett Veach typically make themselves available to the press each offseason from the Combine, so perhaps the most important notes for Chiefs fans will be knowing that we will hear an official update on multiple fronts heading into the month of March. It’s usually a good time to for injury updates, rumored re-signings and more.

From there, the Chiefs will conduct their business effectively and quietly. No team is going to give away their draft interests at the Combine, but with double-digit draft picks once again, you can rest assured the Chiefs will be seeing a lot of folks up close.



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