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Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding, says Kajal Aggarwal – KVR News

Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding, says Kajal Aggarwal (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Tamil actress Kajal Aggarwal, who is also mother to a six-month old baby, on Wednesday said that motherhood was the most challenging and rewarding job she’ll ever have.

Taking to Instagram, the actress, in a touching post to her son, wrote, “I can’t believe how fast the past six months have gone by or the profound change that has taken place in my life.

“I’ve gone from a scared young woman holding a wriggling mass on her chest and wondering how she was going to care for it to now fulfilling mommy duties and learning as I go along,” said Kajal Aggarwal.

“Of course, balancing full time work and ensuring I never compromise on my time, attention, love, nursing care for you- is extremely challenging, I wouldn’t want it any other way and I never imagined enjoying, so much, these fleeting moments of babydom!” added Kajal Aggarwal.

“You now roll on the floor, swinging left to right, tummy and back – it seemed to happen overnight. You’ve had your first cold, first bump on the head, first time in the pool, the ocean and you’ve started Tasting foods.

“Your dad and I joke that you’ll be going off to college next week because time is advancing so quickly. You’ve left the helpless newborn you were such a short time ago, behind already!

“I’m in awe of how you take in each little moment of life and often overwhelmed at the great responsibility God has blessed me with, being your mother! It’s as they say, the most challenging and rewarding job I’ll ever have. Happy halfway to 1, my love, my baby Neil.”

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