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Moose Jattana Loses Her Calm With Kashish Thakur On The Show – KVR News

Splitsvilla X4: Moose Jattana Loses Her Calm With Kashish Thakur On The Show – Deets Inside ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

‘Splitsvilla X4’ contestant Moose Jattana was seen getting upset with the behavior of her co-contestant Kashish Thakur with her best friend Soundous Moufakir and she came forward in support of her.

During one of the tasks, Kashish went to Soundous and told her he will not let her stay peacefully on the show.

Hearing this, Moose Jattana got angry about how he can say such words to her friend and she warned him, saying, “Don’t cross your limits. She is my friend and how can you speak to her like this.”

Furthermore, he shared a story of his mother and recalled how during a difficult situation he took a stand for his mom and never left her alone.

Moose Jattana was not ready to believe him and said: “Whatever you did today was extremely low. I don’t know how close you are to your mother, but to use that story just to stay is very low and disgusting. Everyone can notice that you are a bad actor.”

After listening to her words, Kashish started crying and other contestants including Honey Kamboj and Akashlina Chandra came in support of him.

Akashlina told Moose Jattana: “Sometimes you speak for him, sometimes against him, what are you up to? You are stooping low; you cannot speak like this about his mother.”

‘Splitsvilla X4’ airs on MTV.

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