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Melvin Gordon is Chiefs’ biggest winner after Super Bowl 57 – KVR News

The Kansas City Chiefs running back Melvin Gordon may not have logged a single snap for the team, but he ended the 2022 season with a Super Bowl win.

Kansas City Chiefs running back Melvin Gordon has bounced around the AFC West since entering the NFL. The Los Angeles Chargers drafted him 15th overall in 2015, and he went to two Pro Bowls. Gordon then moved on to the dreaded Denver Broncos in 2020, where he had a much more unpleasant tenure. The Broncos and Chargers didn’t want him, but the eight-year veteran found a home in Kansas City this season. Now, he is the one walking away with a Super Bowl win and the Lombardi trophy .

Chargers fans and some Broncos fans were praying for Kansas City’s downfall this Sunday. Both of those fan bases had hopes of reaching Super Bowl 57 but failed to log even a playoff win. The only history the Chargers made this season was blowing a 27-0 lead to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC’s Wild Card round.

Gordon rode along for the playoff race with the Chiefs after joining the team’s practice squad in Week 13. It was a far fall from grace for the former Pro Bowler, who described the move as “a humbling experience.” Gordon never saw gameday action for the Chiefs in the regular season or postseason. Nonetheless, Gordon had to humble a Chargers fan or two ahead of the Super Bowl.

We all know how salty Chargers fans had to be after Kansas City won their second Super Bowl in four years. Gordon poured even more salt in the wound, as Chargers’ site Bolt Beat tried to take a cheap shot at the running back’s lack of contribution to the Chiefs.

The victors write history, and history says Gordon will go down as a Super Bowl champion. Gordon had never experienced anything like this level of success with the Chargers. The Chargers last reached the Super Bowl in 1994, losing to the San Francisco 49ers. that, they had never reached a Super Bowl, and their last championship came in 1963, when they won the AFL Championship.

While franchise savior and quarterback Justin Herbert still seeks his first playoff victory, Gordon gets to smoke his Philly pack and lay hands on the Lombardi Trophy.



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