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Lovesutra Episode 22: Jennifer Lopez Once Revealed “A Lot Of Things Make Me H*rny”, Making Us (Ladies) Think What Turns Us Super-Hot, Men: Take A Note! – KVR News

Lovesutra Episode 22: Jennifer Lopez Once Revealed “A Lot Of Things Make Me H*rny”, Making Us (Ladies) Think What Turns Us Super-Hot ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

S*x and s*x shaming go hand-in-hand in our society. Well, not for the men of course, but for the women of society. Since childhood we have only heard about one thing – get married and then you can explore ‘those’ areas. But nobody ever wants to know what we want, what turns us on and most importantly where the G-spot is! It’s no rocket science, honestly. Once our favorite Hollywood popstar Jennifer Lopez revealed a lot of things that make her h*rny, and it made me think that we still don’t talk about female pleasure and fantasies.

So, today in our 22nd episode of Lovesutra, we will be talking about female pleasure, its advantages, what can or cannot turn us on, and whether our partner, let alone society understands our needs. Scroll below to read further!

Back in 2018, Jennifer Lopez in an interview with GQ magazine opened up about her s*xual desires and pleasures and had said, “a lot of things make me horny.” Going further in the same conversation, she had further mentioned, “I don’t think money is one of them. But I do like money! Money is an amazing thing! I don’t know that it turns me on, but it does make things easier.”

Understanding women’s needs demand no extra conscience. Every man might think it takes a lot to please a woman, and honestly, it’s not our fault. There has been a lot of misinformation about a woman’s body, our pleasures and fantasies. the hush-hushness of our neighborhood aunties – ‘oh, that girl lives in with her boyfriend – they toh definitely have s*x’. But hey aunty, that boyfriend of hers might be your ladka too! Then comes our partner’s curiosity – “ is that the G-spot?” “Are you c*mming?” “Did I give you orga*sm” – and so on and so forth.

But honestly, it’s no rocket science guys. Here are certain things that turn us, the women on:

Sometimes it’s just your partner’s constant attention that can do the trick.

Having great body language with which a woman can feel safe and loved around you, can turn her on to be ready for having s*x.

It’s all about flattery and being in the right moment. Having that physical tension and going deep in kissing with your woman- voila!

Talking about s*x without making yourself sound like a creep can also turn your woman on. Be there for her, have that consistency and create that bond with her. Give her affection and she will be ready to go on a ride with you. IYKYK!

There are certain times when you feel h*rny the most. Do you know when? Well, obviously before our Period dates when we are PMSing and also during the menstrual cycle and after it ends. the clock making us feel all ticklish with s*xual desires. And trust me, ladies, there is nothing wrong with that. Talk to your partner if he is up for some period s*x!

And as per the data put together in Daniel Bergner’s book ‘What Women Want’ suggests that women are equally (if not more) h*rny as men and that our libidos (that is, our s*x drives) are intense as stated in a SheThePeople report.

And as already know that if you satisfy your s*xual hormones, it leaves you in a good mood and good health. No exercise and your calories will decrease! *wink wink* Apart from that, your mental health also stays at bay and you get a confidence boost for the rest of the day.

And who said you can’t have some fun in bed? Go wild with your fantasies. A little birdie told me some handcuffs (without getting hurt) and some other s*x toys do not harm yourself. Other than that, having some intimate moments in the bathroom and kitchen slab can also spice up your regular s*x life, if you know what I mean!

Lastly, ladies, wanting to have s*xual pleasures and satisfying your desires does not make you a bad girl. Go, have fun, explore your s*xual desires, have that conversation with your partner, and do all that your heart wishes.

Stay tuned to Koimoi for more Lovesutra episodes!

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