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Lovesutra Episode 18: When Angelina Jolie Overshared Her S*x Life With Ex-Husband Brad Pitt & Doing It While Being Pregnant With Twins – KVR News

Lovesutra Episode 18: When Angelina Jolie Overshared Her S*x Life With Ex-Husband Brad Pitt & Doing It While Being Pregnant With Twins ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Angelina Jolie has always been very vocal about her personal and love life in the media and with her fans. Back when she was married to ex-husband Brad Pitt, she left no opportunity to flaunt him and about her spiced up s*x life with him, giving couple goals to Brangelina fans. On today’s episode of Lovesutra, we would talk about the time when Jolie opened up on having s*x while being pregnant with her twins – Vivienne and Knox and let’s discuss the benefits of the same. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Pregnancy is one of the most liberating periods of a woman’s life. A woman’s body goes through physical, emotional and psychological changes and literally feeds a tiny human inside of an uterus. It’s magical, no, imagine making a human inside of your body that sounds like a big deal.

Now coming back to the topic, Angelina Jolie once in an interview with Entertainment Weekly revealed about having s*x with ex-husband Brad Pitt while being pregnant with her twins. She said, “It’s great for the s*x life…It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you’re just so round and full.”

As mentioned by Angelina Jolie, pregnancy s*x comes with a lot of benefits unless you do it like an animal which is usually not advised by doctors around the world as it might have an impact on the baby in the womb.As long as you ‘re having fun and gentle with your partner, it’s all good.

Take a look at the benefits of pregnancy s*x below:

Better Org*sms –

Org*sm is such a holy word, quite literally. The feeling cannot be described into words and imagine the most intense version of it, do you feel butterflies in your tummy already? Ladies, this is a win win for us. trimester can be a little hectic for all the mommies-to-be because of all the nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, tenderness in body parts, heartburn, all this usually subsides and gets better as you enter your second trimester.

So, s*x often helps you release stress during pregnancy, achieving better org*sm and it also helps ease the pain while increasing the immunity of the body.

It’s a Great Workout –

Not everyone is privileged enough to join yoga classes or a personal trailer at a local gym so, s*x comes handy to a lot of women. Pregnancy s*x helps you burn calories which helps you lower the blood pressure. Also helps you sleep better after a good s*x sesh making you more relaxed and at peace.

Improved Labor –

Org*sms helps in the pelvic contractions while strengthening them for the future and improving bladder’s control leaks during pregnancy. It eases the labor pain and helps you recover quickly and more efficiently after your delivery.

Bond Gets Better Between The Partners –

A lot of couples have reportedly connected better while having s*x during the pregnancy.It not only makes them connect better emotionally but also psychologically and physically.It brings the couple closer than ever.

Also ladies, you can experiment and have fun while having pregnancy s*x as long as there are no complications involved such as preterm labor or placenta problems, in that case always take an opinion from your doctor, they’ll be able to help you medically.

And for those of you who don’t know, 80% of women have reportedly had s*x during pregnancy according to WebMD along with 39% of women experiencing it during their birth week. So, having s*x during pregnancy is all safe given you don’t have health complications.

Angelina Jolie had the time of her life with ex-husband Brad Pitt while having fun and lots of s*x when being pregnant with her twins. Get out there, get dirty, experience the best oral s*x of your life and have fun Ladies, always remember having fun is important.

Toodles till next episode of lovesutra, till then MISS US!

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