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KRK Slams Bollywood Celebrities Attending IIFA 2023 – KVR News

“Vicky Kaushal Is Desperate To Attend IIFA For Publicity, Hrithik Roshan Doesn’t Have Dignity As Ranbir Kapoor Will Never Attend”: Says KRK (Picture Credit: Instagram & Youtube)

Recently, Vicky Kaushal and Salman Khan became the talk of the town when a video from their appearance at a recent award show went viral. Recently, one of the prestigious award shows took place, and inside videos and photos flooded the internet. of the clips that took social media by storm was of Vicky and Salman, which apparently saw the superstar’s bodyguard pushing Kaushal away. While the clip received massive reaction from one and all, self-proclaimed critic KRK has taken a dig at the same.

Taking to Twitter, the Deshdroshi actor slammed Bollywood actors like Vicky and Hrithik Roshan for attention IIFA 2023. He further compared them to Ranbir Kapoor and said he would have never attended the award show if Salman Khan was there.

Tweeting about Hrithik Roshan, KRK said he doesn’t have dignity and is hungry for publicity. He even compared him to Ranbir Kapoor who would never do such cheap antics. He wrote, “If @iHrithik attended #IIFA so of course he will get the award. Why will he attend the function without award. But Hrithik should have not received this award for a disaster film. It shows, he doesn’t have dignity and He is publicity hungry. Ranbir Kapoor will never do such cheap HARKAT.”

In his next Tweet he targeting Vicky Kaushal and Tweeted “Many people are saying that whatever happened with #VickyKaushal at #IIFA that is wrong. I say, that is not wrong at all. Ranbir Kapoor will never ever attend IIFA, If Budhaoo is there But Vicky Kaushal is desperate to attend for publicity.

Earlier too KRK reacted to Salman Khan and Vicky Kaushal’s viral video and wrote, “Beizzati Hona Ek Baat Hai, Aur Besharam Hona Doosri Baat Hai. So basically @vickykaushal09 is a Besharam. Tabhi Toh Itni Beizzati Hone Ke Baad Bhi Banda #IIFA Se Gaya Nahi Hai.”

Coming back, what are your thoughts on KRK blasting Bollywood actors?

Meanwhile, stay tuned to Koimoi!

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