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Kim Kardashian Recalls Having S*x With Pete Davidson To Honor Her Grandmother, Says “Creepy To Think…” – KVR News

Kim Kardashian Reveals Having S*x With Pete Davidson As An Honor To Her Grandmother ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

People have a lot of different ways to pay tribute to someone. For Kim Kardashian, it is through s*x. Whom did she honor with that, you wonder? Her grandmother MJ! Yes, you read that right. Hitting the headlines a lot these days, thanks to ex-Kanye West.

The rapper has dragged in Kim and several other people on his Instagram rants. Since the two split up, the Donda rapper has harassed his ex-wife over dating Pete Davidson, over their kids, and more. Just recently, the reality star had to increase security at their children’s school after Ye revealed its name on social media.

He did that because he wants them to attend Donda Academy, which he established. Coming back to the point, in the latest The Kardashians episode, Kim Kardashian was seen speaking with her grandmother MJ about having s*x with Pete Davidson in front of a fireplace to “honour” her. For the unversed, after her divorce from Kanye West, the fashion mogul dated the SNL comedian.

They broke up in August this year after dating for 9 months. The episode of their reality show is from the time when Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were together. “Pete and I were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend, and we were sitting in front of the fireplace just talking for hours,” Kim said.

“And so, we had s*x in front of the fireplace in honor of you,” Kardashian told MJ. “How creepy to think about your grandma before having s*x,” she added. Meanwhile, even though they broke up, sources claim that they decided to stay friends.

The reason behind their break up was said to be their busy schedule.As both Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are busy with work, that too in different parts of the world, both allegedly decided to split up as maintaining a long-distance relationship became difficult .

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