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Jacqueline Byers Talks About Approaching ‘Prey For The Devil’ As A Psychological Drama & Not A Horror Film – KVR News

Jacqueline Byers: I approached ‘Prey for the Devil’ as a psychological drama ( Photo Credit – Still from Prey for the Devil )

Actress Jacqueline Byers has shared why she took up ‘Prey for the Devil’, a horror movie experience, as a psychological drama.

Following a global rise in demonic possessions, the film begins with the catholic church reopening its exorcism schools in order to train priests in the Rite of Exorcism. The main character of Sister Ann will be played by Jacqueline Byers.

As the holy and the unholy take on a battle of wits, Ann is taken in by a professor that trains her in performing exorcisms to save herself and others from the determined demonic spirit.

Talking about her character in the movie, Jacqueline Byers said: “While Prey for the Devil plays as an intense horror movie experience, I approached it as a psychological drama, specifically the psychology of Ann and what drives her.”

Jacqueline Byers goes on to call Ann a “wounded healer, who has experienced so much in her life and doesn’t want anyone to go through what she did. What drives Ann is defending her mother’s honor. To Ann, there must be a reason for the pain, fear, and terror they both went through.”

“Ann needs it to be true that her mother was possessed. Ann enters the school’s exorcism program under the guise of a traditional nursing capacity. But her ambition has always exceeded those limitations that others try to impose upon her.”

Directed by German film director Daniel Stamm, ‘Prey for the Devil’ will stream on Lionsgate Play from 24 Feb.

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