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“It’s Wild How You Can’t Predict..” – KVR News

Olivia Cooke Once Opened Up About Her Foot F*tish Scene In House of the Dragon (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Actress Olivia Cooke, who shot to fame with House of the Dragon, in one of her recent interviews revealed how she got worried about the foot f*tish scene in the ninth episode of the action period drama series as it featured actor Matthew Needham’s character Larys Strong m*sturbating while looking at Cooke’s character Alicent Hightower’s feet as a reward for his loyalty. Scroll down to read the details.

House of the Dragon, for the unversed, is a prequel to the award-winning HBO series Game Of Thrones. The show is based on George RR Martin’s Fire & Blood and takes place 300 years before the events of Game Of Thrones took place.

Opening up about the m*sturbating to her foot scene, as per Insider, Olivia Cooke she was surprised with that the scene got such a big reaction because Game of Thrones was full of violence and explicit n*dity. are beheadings, people getting their co*ks cut off, graphic violence, and brothel scenes, but getting my feet out and him w*nking off, that’s the most shocking. It’s funny, isn’t it?”m said Cooke. actress further shared, “I knew on the day, I didn’t want this to be gratuitous at all because I know my feet will end up on various sites.”

The 29-year-old actress continued, “It’s wild how you can’t predict which scenes people have the biggest reactions to, and unfortunately, it was that one.”

Shedding light on her character, the House of the Dragon actress shared, “It’s disgusting, it’s demeaning, it’s assault. But she’s not really left with any choices. She’s surrounded herself with psychopaths and murderers. There’s no one else to turn to.”

Speaking on the foot f*tish scene, Clare Kilner, who directed the episode, in an interview, revealed the foot f*tish was an idea from executive producer Sarah Hess. wonderful episode. It’s so invasive what he does. Looking at her feet and then having a wank. It’s so intrusive and invasive. It’s a really dirty scene.”

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