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“It Would Have Been Rich & Rewarding…” – KVR News

Misha Collins Wanted To Portray Harvey Dent In ‘Gotham Knights’ In More Than One Season( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

American superhero show ‘Gotham Knights’ ended its run after Season 1, as The CW network decided not to renew the show for Season 2. Actor Misha Collins, who was playing District Attorney Harvey Dent in the series, had slowly begun transforming into his villain alter ego Two-Face, finally turning into him during the season finale.

However, as the show got scrapped after that moment, Collins said that he had hoped to further explore the character.

While the actor had earlier expressed his disappointment over the cancellation of the show on social media, speaking to Deadline, he said: “Well, as the series winds up, we’re really just getting introduced to the Two Face character, and it would have been rich and rewarding to have explored him devolving down the road and the inevitable fights to bring Harvey back, which would, of course, have involved a tremendous amount of inner turmoil.”

He added: “ I felt like the show was really getting cooking, and I would have loved to have had more time with it. I loved working with this cast. I loved working with these producers and writers. , creative playground. And I’m gonna miss all of that.”

Elaborating on the character arc of Harvey Dent, and how the show explores it, he said: “This is a story that has been told time and time again, both in the comics and in movies. is not new, but it’s been told in different ways many times.”

“I really loved that we got to delve deep into his psychology and give Harvey some agency in the decision to unleash Two Face as opposed to it just being how it’s been portrayed in the past typically, (which) is that he just comes to a psychic breaking point and cannot contain his alter ego. And what we have done in Gotham Knights is actually made it a conscious decision on Harvey’s part. He’s unleashing the Two Face character in order to serve what he thinks is the higher good.”

The final episode titled ‘Night of Owls’, shows Harvey Dent fully transforming into the character, after his opponent smashes open an acid bottle on to his face, disfiguring him which finally brings out his dark side. ‘Gotham Knights’ was canceled earlier this month with showrunners James Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash taking to social media to let fans know that The CW series was unable to get another platform to stream it.

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