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“It Was Equivalent To $6 Or $7 Million In Free PR” – KVR News

Brand Behind The Game Of Thrones Coffee Cup Blooper Speaks On It

Do you remember that Game of Thrones coffee cup blooper? Of course, it is not hard to forget as it was hard to ignore that big of an error. That moment from the GOT finale went viral, and now the company that owns the coffeehouse to whom it belonged has spoken about the blooper.

Many fans believed that it was a Starbucks cup, but recently Emilia Clarke spoke about it and revealed that it was from a local coffeehouse. through this free PR.

Now, it has broken the silence of the Game of Thrones coffee cup blooper. [assumption],” Mark Ashbridge, who owns Established Coffee, told Adweek.[They were] like, ‘It was Established Coffee.’”

“She was saying, ‘It’s the best place for coffee.’ I remember screen recording and going like, ‘We should try to put this out there. This would be really good PR for us, and we didn’t get any of the rubs when it happened,’” the owner continued and said, “I remember seeing the headlines. $6 or $7 million in free PR.” Well, now we know the true figures behind how much the coffee house made through the Game of Thrones goof-up.

Currently, the show’s prequel House of the Dragon is airing. The series has received huge praise and high ratings. GOT fans are loving to dive into the history of the House of Targaryen.

The Game of Thrones prequel show has reached its season 1 finale. Updates on the second season are yet to be made.

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