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“I Do Understand Why People Make The Choice…” – KVR News

Sarah Jessica Parker Has Said She Missed The Opportunity’ To Have A Facelift( Photo Credit – Bang Showbiz )

Sarah Jessica Parker fears it’s too late for her to have cosmetic surgery.

The ‘Sex and The City’ opened up about her views on aging and her appearance during an appearance on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ this week and the 58-year-old actress said she thinks about getting going under the knife “all the time ”but she thinks she missed the opportunity to have an “old-fashioned good” facelift when she was in her 40s.

When asked if she’s ever had any cosmetic procedures, Sara Jessica explained: “I think about all of it. I ask people all the time: ‘Is it too late?’ Now people would be like: ‘Not only do you look rested, you look like an entirely different human being’.”

The star went on to say she gets regular facials and non-surgical procedures, but she’s never had anything major done.

Sarah Jessica added: “I go to a dermatologist and you know you can get like a peel … I’ll do any of that stuff. I honestly think like I missed out on the facelift … like an old-fashioned good one that you have when you’re 44.”

She went on to say: “I do understand why people make the choice [to have surgery] because there is so much emphasis put on – especially women and primarily women – about looks. Even last year when we first went on air with the new season [of ‘And Just Like That … ‘] and there were so many articles about aging and aging gracefully. Sarah Jesica’s hair is gray – first of all it’s not – but who cares? I’m sitting next to [TV presenter] Andy Cohen whose head is covered in gray hair and you’ve not mentioned that at all.

“So I understand why women feel like there is so much chatter … I don’t think it’s wrong I think people should do whatever makes them feel better walking about the door frankly.”

During the interview, Stern asked the actress how she feels about her appearance, saying: “When you look in the mirror you don’t see a good-looking human being?”

Sarah Jessica then replied: “I mean I’m presentable. I don’t really like looking at myself. I like a fitting and getting into costume … I think I’m fine.”

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