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“Hey You Are Making A Lot Of Noise” – KVR News

Superman & Lois Lane Bathtub S*x Scenes Which Were Cut From Batman Vs Superman (Photo Credit –Imdb/wikimedia)

The superhero fandom is yet to get over the fact that Henry Cavill will not be playing Superman in the new DCU. As teased in the past about his comeback for James Gunn’s new universe, many are still lauding Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU, as many trends have been circulating on Twitter. Recently, the director shared about Henry & Lois’ hot bathtub s*x scenes that were just too much for his neighbor. Read on to find out how the director explains the steamy scenes.

We never know whether we will get the SnyderVerse in the future or not. However, every day or second, the trends on Twitter are active as many of them ask Netflix to acquire the rights to Zack Snyder’s plans for the DC movies. all on the internet, and there has been no official confirmation about the same, read on to find out what the filmmaker had to say about the steamy bathtub scenes with Clark Kent & Lois Lane.

During the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice panel at SnyderCon 2023, Zack Snyder revealed how their s*x scene caused trouble for Mrs Bukowski, who was their noisy neighbor and ultimately, the scene was not kept in the final cut. had the neighbor banging her broom on the roof as she lived just below Superman’s bathroom.

However, during the same panel discussion, the director touched upon various other elements of his SnyderVerse, which were unable to come up on the screen. In a previous conversation, the filmmaker also revealed he initially wanted to make his DCEU movies darker, but the production wanted to lower the tone of the movies.

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