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Henry Cavill Is Very Self-Conscious About A Body Part Of His & May God Bless Your Naughty Mind Already – KVR News

Henry Cavill Has Been Labeled One Of The Most Handsome Men Across Multiple Times (Pic Credit: Instagram)

One of the most trending men for the past one year has been none other than our very own ex-Superman Henry Cavill. The actor has managed to be in news for a range of things, the top most being his comeback and exit from DCU, his contention for being the next James Bond, and of course his relationship that has been the talk of the town. Everything about the actor has so far been as perfect as his blade-sharp jawline which is a major thirst trap. the actor is conscious about a body part of his?

Henry Cavill was always a heartthrob, but the fanbase shot to extremely massive levels when he entered the then DCEU with Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel as Clark Kent aka Superman. Over time the actor became one of the most revered men across and was even on the top of the charts for being the most handsome, s*xiest, and all other attributes possible.

But did you know even a man as perfect as Henry Cavill and so handsome is very self-conscious about one of his body parts? Well, it is not us speculating but the actor talking about it himself. not the one that your naughty mind has guessed all this while, but God bless you and that thought trail though! Read on to know everything you should know about this interesting update.

It all happened when Henry Cavill appeared on Josh Horowitz’s chat show where the host asked him a fan question that had the word ‘nos’ which means adversity but the actor misunderstood it with physical nose. got in pursuit of his acting dream? To Henry it sounded like the fan asked him whether he got a nose job done to make his career better.

A confused Henry Cavill went on clarify if the person is talking about his nose and nervously laughed at his confused self. This led to Henry revealing what he feels about his nose. Cavill said that his nose is “not great” but, altogether, “ Right?” Do you think so though? We don’t obviously.

Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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