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“He Was Like, I Need A Minute Before I Can Consider You My Sister Again” – KVR News

Margot Robbie Played Naomi Lapaglia In The Wolf Of Wall Street ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

N*dity in Hollywood is always a point of discussion time and again. While there have been many scene to serve as fodder for this discussion, none can beat that buzz around Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio’s fiery intimate scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street. It is the scene that kind of became the thumbnail for the movie in the minds of the people, and well many streaming platforms. But while Robbie is always hailed for her performance in the Martin Scorsese directorial, her brother did not talk to her for three long months after watching the movie.

For the unversed, directed by Scorsese, The Wolf Of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in the lead roles release back in 2013. The later played Naomi Lapaglia, and the part is, to date, called her career-defining role. The film pitched her and Leo opposite each other, leading to a quote sensual and teasing love-making scene.

It is this lovemaking scene that is spoken about every time someone mentions the movie. But for Margot Robbie who saw the movie with her family, including her siblings, the reception turned out to be a bit weird as expected. She once revealed how her brother said he needed a minute to see her as her sister again. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per a Daily Star report, Margot Robbie saw The Wolf Of The Wall Street with her entire family and received a frosty reaction. Her brother refused to talk to her for three months and even said he needed a minute to consider her back. The actor was shocked and she spoke about this incident with a lot of surprise and laughter.

Margot Robbie said, “I can’t tell you how uncomfortable that was. One of my brothers didn’t speak to me for three months afterwards – not because he was mad, he was just, like: ‘I just need a minute before I can consider you my sister again!’”

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