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Hailey Bieber Comes To Rescue Her ‘Homie’ Kendall Jenner As Netizens Accuse Her Of Photoshopping Her Hands: “She’s Had Long A*s…” – KVR News

Hailey Bieber Clarifies Kendall Jenner’s Unusually Long Hands (Pic Credit: Instagram)

A few days back, the supermodel and media personality Kendall Jenner was trolled by netizens because of her unnatural hand size in one of the pictures posted on social media. Now her BFF Hailey Bieber has come out in defense of Kendall. bond of friendship since they started working in the modeling industry. Scroll down to know what BFF Bieber said in the context of Jenner’s ‘alien’ hands.

For the unversed, Hailey was actually best friends with Kylie Jenner before the other sister stole her away. Both the gals have been going strong for over ten years now, reportedly. They have often been spotted together hanging out doing things like grocery shopping, Carpool Karaoke and other things.

Taking to the story section of Instagram, Hailey Bieber defended Kendall Jenner’s unnatural hand size, which the netizens dubbed as photoshopped. She said in her post, “While you’re sitting here analyzing. Look how bizarre her hand looks normally. Live footage of the hand.” In her video clip referring to Kendall’s hands and digits, Bieber wrote, “been had long a** hands x fingers,” she even added a couple of alien emojis.

Kendall Jenner, in Hailey Bieber’s story, laughed it out while acknowledging the fact and spitting out in between feats of laughter that “it’s crazy”.

Kendall shared the talk-of-the-town pictures on her Instagram with the caption, “31 hours”. It featured multiple images, one among them where the model could be seen sitting, where her hands looked unusually elongated, which gave rise to Trolls in the comment section. People accused her of photoshopping her pics. People passed snarky comments like, “why the long hand”, another one wrote, “Slenderman hand”, and all sorts of other remarks. As a result, Hailey Bieber stepped in to clarify the accusations like a good homie. See Jenner’s viral picture;

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