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First Episode Of XG’s Documentary ‘XTRA XTRA’ Traces Origins Of Girl Group – KVR News

1st episode from XG’s documentary traces origins of girl group ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Japanese girl group XG, which is based in South Korea, released the first episode of their documentary, ‘XTRA XTRA EP X1’ on Friday.

The story begins with each member, such as JURIN, who at the time was a professional snowboarder, and HARVEY who was a model.

The members all talk about their motivation to join the XGALX project and to become artists.

XG’s producer (SIMON) JAKOPS revealed that he had been working independently for about five years to discover, nurture, plan, manage, and produce XG, starting with the establishment of the global entertainment production company XGALX.

The group also expressed their desire to create a girl group that is neither K-Pop nor J-Pop.

In June 2018, 21 trainees stepped into XGALX’s dedicated studio as the girls, who participated, were excited to begin their new lives, before focusing on the hard training ahead, with Simon treating them as adults rather than children, often with harsh words.

At the end of the video, a short clip from the Korean training camp is shown as a preview of the next episode.

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