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Drake makes $1.1 million bet on Chiefs to win AFC Championship – KVR News

Global superstar Drake has put up a $1.1 million bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Bengals in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

Sometimes when you’re participating in a particular action or upholding some sort of belief, you like to look around at the company you keep on that same side or in that same position to see who else is feeling or thinking the same way. global popularity and the infectious nature of his songs, we’re glad to be in the same position as Drake with our picks for Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Drake posted a Story to his Instagram that he’d decided to sink a significant amount of money into his beliefs that Kansas City would emerge victorious. If you check our predictions, most of us here at Arrowhead Addict feel the same way.

Specifically, Drake sunk $1.1 million in order to earn a potential $2.057M payout if the Chiefs win. His drive was not only a belief that the Chiefs would win, but he also posted: “BIG SUNDAY LETS [sic] BUY MAMA SOMETHING NICE.”

We’re pretty sure Drake has already bought many nice things for those closest to him, Mama included, but we’re also hoping some of his dynamism can rub off on the Chiefs. After all, we’re hoping “God’s Plan” is “Too Good” for the Chiefs to win, leaving Joe Burrow and company to “Laugh Now Cry Later.” Okay, admittedly we’ve exhausted our Drake knowledge for the most part here, but we’re glad to have him back KC tonight .



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