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Derek Carr fools Jets with ‘first ballot Hall of Famer’ disguise – KVR News

The New York Jets are going to be surprised when this “first ballot Hall of Famer” pulls off his mask and it’s just Derek Carr.

This feels like an old episode of Scooby Doo or something, one where the bad guy gets unmasked at the end of the show and says something like “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids.” Only this time there’s somehow no mask, only Derek Carr and a description that makes us shake our heads every time we hear it.

In case you missed the Carr-related news of the day, the New York Jets are putting on a full-court press for the services of the veteran quarterback. Not only are they winning and dining him in hopes of convincing him to sign, but they’re also making grand descriptions of his future—and we ‘re pretty sure they’re unfounded.

Dianna Russini of ESPN has word of the Jets’ recent visit with Carr and it’s a doozy. We’ll let her tell you first-hand.

“They told him he’s a great quarterback,” said Russin ctrong young skill guys, the explosive run game—they ran through top to bottom of why Derek Carr can step in here and take this team not just to the playoffs but to the Super Bowl They made it really personal, too. They said, ‘We believe if you come to New York and win, you can be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.’ So they went full in on Derek Carr to let him know they really want him to play for the New York Jets.”

That first ballot HOF player bit feels over the top for a quarterback who couldn’t do anything for the Raiders during his long stint with the team. With a sparkling 63-79 record, perhaps the Jets are dreaming of that period second place finish in the AFC East. Better yet is having a whole assortment of Carrs at a team’s disposal to use as they see fit.

If Derek Carr is a first-ballot Hall of Famers, then we can only Romeo Crennel likely won Head Coach of the Year in 2012 and we somehow missedit.



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