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Britney Spears Gets A Warning From Animal Control After Her Pooch Escapes & Bites An Elderly Man – KVR News

Britney Spears gets warning from animal control after her dog bites elderly man ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Pop icon Britney Spears has been given a warning by animal control after her dog escaped and allegedly bit an elderly man.

The singer and her husband Sam Asghari’s Doberman Porsha reportedly escaped from their California mansion earlier this week and was tracked down five miles from home, reports ‘’.

The dog was given to Britney Spears by her husband with the promise that she will be trained to protect his wife from “any mother***** with bad intentions”.

However, the dog got out of the couple’s $7.4 million Thousand Oaks home recently. Sources said the dog came across a cyclist in his 70s who was getting off his bike when the dog bit him.

It was then that a member of Britney Spears’ security team got a hold of the dog, TMZ reports. Animal control reportedly contacted Spears, Sam Asghari and their security team, warning them to make sure their dog doesn’t escape again.

As per ‘’, sources added that the man who was bitten went to a local urgent care facility after the incident to get the injury checked.

Asghari posted an Instagram video thanking the Dog Says Animal Search and Rescue group for finding Porsha and another one of their dogs who had also got out and were located five miles away.

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