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“Ain’t Anyone Coming In There & Taking Sh*t” – KVR News

Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Shares Details On His Meeting With James Gunn Regarding DC Future! (Pic Credit: Movie Still, Wikipedia)

“I’ll always be Aquaman,” Jason Momoa said at the Variety Studio presented by Audible at Sundance. Momoa is at the Park City festival as the narrator of the new documentary ‘Deep Rising’, which investigates organizations that are extracting metals from the deep sea floor.

Momoa recently met new DC Studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran to talk about his future in the DC Universe, in which he’s played Aquaman in several movies.

“It’s very, very wonderful,” said Jason Momoa of the meeting, reports ‘Variety’.

Jason Momoa added, “I’m in the house of Warner Bros. and they are liking a lot of stuff I’m doing. We got a lot of good things coming.”

One thing coming is Momoa’s second standalone Aquaman movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. There’s also rumours that Momoa will be playing a different superhero character, Lobo, in the new DC Universe under Gunn and Safran. He would not confirm such rumours, but he did say “there might be other characters” coming from him down the line regarding DC.

“The beautiful thing (about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) is me and my partner wrote the first treatment for it and it was about a 55-page treatment, and a lot of it has to deal with me talking to the UN about what’s happening with the melting ice caps,” Momoa said.

“There’s no far off galaxy coming to destroy us or aliens from another place. It’s us ruining our planet. We need to get it together and save our home.”

Momoa concluded, “I’ll always be Aquaman. Ain’t anyone coming in there and taking sh*t. There might be some other characters, too. I can play other things, too. I can be funny and savage and charming. ”

The climate change themes inherited in the ‘Aquaman’ movies tie directly to Momoa’s Sundance documentary ‘Deep Rising’.

“Listen, I never thought in a million years that people would be using my voice,” Momoa said. “It’s wonderful and I just want to shine a light on films like this.”

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