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A Bridgerton Story’ Fame Corey Mylchreest Says “Female Actors Had It Much Worse…” – KVR News

Corey Mylchreest: The stuffy Bridgerton costumes were a bit much (Picture Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Corey Mylchreest has admitted the “stuffy costumes” on ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ were “a lot”.

The 25-year-old actor – who plays King George III in the ‘Bridgerton’ spin-off – admitted some of the ensembles he had to wear for the period drama were difficult to work in, but not nearly as bad as the waist- Cinching corsets worn by the female cast members.

Speaking to GQ, he said: “When you’re playing a character a costume can make you feel a certain way. That’s really useful because it can make you feel anything other than yourself, which helps with the method. Clothing can really influence your mind and in turn what you’re putting across to other people.

“The best days on the Bridgerton set were those when I could just wear a shirt and trousers for the scenes in the fields. I’m not complaining as the female actors had it much worse, but some of those stuffy costumes were a lot. ”

Reaping the benefits of his newfound fame, the overnight star attended his first-ever Paris Fashion Week as a guest of Loewe and its creative director Jonathan Anderson.

Corey never considered himself a fashionista until he got to sit in the front row on the runway, and he’s now keen to further “explore” the fashion world.

He said: “I have a vague understanding of what to expect, I’ve got my looks, and I know there’s a cocktail before the show and then a party. But still, this is a bit mad. I have big boots to fill , Loewe is a massive brand!

“I didn’t really grow up being exposed to the world of fashion or having opportunities to wear nice things. I look up to actors like Josh O’Connor and Murray Bartlett, and they’ve crossed from being actors to being hailed as these fashion guys.

“I worked with a stylist for the first time during the Queen Charlotte press tour, and I began to understand this massive world of fashion. You can definitely get sucked into it. And I’m definitely exploring it a lot more than I ever thought I would.”

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