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11 Dance Tracks To Celebrate This International Dance Day! – KVR News

Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Ek Paal Ka Jeena’ To ‘Main Aisa Kyun Hoon’: 11 Dance Tracks To Celebrate This International Dance Day!

As we celebrate the International Dance Day today, it would be sinister to not talk about Hrithik Roshan. Changing the face of dance in Indian cinema with his debut to continuing to rule the hearts of the audience more than two decades later, Hrithik Roshan’s dancing talent knows no bounds.

Offering the perfect tracks for every occasion, Hrithik’s discography includes the ideal songs for solo performances, romantic duets, family functions, friendly face offs and whole lot of party numbers!

Here’s a look at 11 most iconic dance numbers by Hrithik Roshan:

Ek Pal ka Jeena:

For decades now, whenever this song plays on the dance floor, the best dancers of the group take the spotlight to flaunt their moves and channel the inner Hrithik Roshan in them.

You Are My Soniya:

Even two decades after its release, every club continues to play this classic party number inviting a friendly banter of the genders on the dance floor. Trying to recreate the swag of Hrithik Roshan in black body hugging fit, You Are My Soniya is amongst the favorite of the millennials.

Bole Chudiya:

Every wedding sangeet is incomplete without a performance on Bole Chudiya starring Bole Chudiya. Adding his irresistible charm to the energetic traditional dance number, Bole Chudiya is the official sangeet anthem in India!

Bhumro Bhumro:

Another hit at family functions and annual functions at schools, this folksy track with foot-tapping beats is ideal for family members across age groups. From young kids to uncles and aunties, we have seen everyone dancing to Bhumro Bhumro at some or the other point in life.

Main Aisa Kyu Hoon:

Offering a sense of belonging to every individual, Main Aisa Kyun Hoon is more of a form of self expression via dance. Too many dance competitions and annual functions have witnessed solo performances of dance enthusiasts dancing to this song.

It’s Magic:

It doesn’t matter that it took us ages to figure the lyrics of ‘I’ve got the vibe you need’, we figured how to dance to this banger immediately! Another favorite for dance competitions and annual functions, the song resonates with the childhood of many of us.

Dhoom Again:

Does anyone need to say anything more! One of the most cult classic dance numbers of Indian Cinema, this song is not just a visual treat owing to the impeccable dance steps by Hrithik Roshan but an irresistible charmer forcing everyone to hit the dance floors.

Tu Meri (Bang Bang):

The insane energy and foot-tapping beats of the song from Bang Bang are enough to compel everyone to hit the dance floor and have a great time.


A rage in itself, Ghungroo became an instant hit with its light and breezy yet groovy tunes and the epic hook step by Hrithik Roshan. Not a single party or get together has gone by ever since then without a bunch of friends attempting the hook step in full confidence.

Dil Na Liya:

Hrithik Roshan just has the knack for picking the best dance numbers of probably every song he does turns into a party number owing to his effortless dance. This energetic track from Krrish is simply amongst the best dance tracks of Hrithik Roshan.


Probably one of the most underrated songs of Hrithik Roshan, Bawre was an instant hit across quarters owing to the effortless dance of Hrithik and the beats that force you to groove. The vibrant video matches up to the folksy-music making it an ideal dance song .

It doesn’t matter if one could match the steps by Hrithik Roshan, but as the actor always says, it’s important to move and every song by the Superstar gives an opportunity to channel the dancer in us!

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